rOpenSci Community Calls

Join us in our quarterly Community Calls to hear about best practices, new projects, Q&As with well known developers, and to learn more about rOpenSci developments. These are free and open for anyone to attend and provide an opportunity to connect with rOpenSci community members around the world.

We aim to leave at least 20 minutes for open Q&A and we use collaborative note-taking allowing participants share ideas or resources and to ask questions.

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Past Calls

Date Topic Speakers Resources
2018-11-15 Working with images in R Jeroen Ooms video, slides, notes, promo-blog
2018-10-16 Code Review in the Lab, or ... How do you review code that accompanies a research project or paper? Carl Boettiger, Melanie Frazier, Julia Stewart-Lowndes, Hao Ye discussion thread, video, notes, Frazier-Lowndes slides, promo-blog
2018-01-30 Writing Packages to Support Research Communities - zoon & greta Nick Golding, rOpenSci Fellow video, notes, code - zoon, code - greta, blog
2017-09-13 rOpenSci Software Review and Onboarding Andee Kaplan, Noam Ross video, blog, notes
2017-03-07 How to Ask Questions so they get Answered! Possibly by Yourself! JD Long, Jenny Bryan, Scott Chamberlain video, blog, notes, code
2016-12-15 How do I Create a Code of Conduct for my Event/Lab/Codebase? Pauline Barmby, Safia Abdalla, and C. Titus Brown video, blog, notes
2016-08-24 Advanced Graphics and Image Processing in R with magick Jeroen Ooms video, notes
2016-05-11 Python String Methods in R, pystr Nicole White video, notes
2016-03-02 Google Sheets in R Jenny Bryan video pt1, video pt2, notes
2015-12-02 Designing dat 1.0 Karissa McKelvey video, notes
2015-10-07 Failing Fast and Early, assertr Tony Fischetti video, blog, notes
2015-08-19 Tools for R package development, metacran Gábor Csárdi video, notes slides
2015-07-08 broom, An R Package to Convert Statistical Models into Tidy Data Frames David Robinson video, notes
2015-05-27 Getting NCBI Data into your R Sessions, rentrez; rocker, Docker for R David Winter, Carl Boettiger video, notes
2015-04-15 Getting Your Data into R Hadley Wickham video, notes
2015-03-05 htmlwidgets, Binding JS Libraries Made Easy Ramnath Vaidyanathan video, notes
2015-01-14 Reproducibility Hackathon Ciera Martinez video, notes

All Community Calls are recorded and archived

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